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14th Avenue is Alive!!!

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (26296)
With all the new restaurants, bars and art galleries, 14th Avenue is alive again!!! Last Thursday I went to Swine & Co. with my dad and some friends, we were sat by the window and I had the biggest smile on my face for many reasons. One of which was watching the people outside the restaurant. There were people riding their bikes with their families, guests waiting outside on the couches of Swine & Co. and Taco Dive, and patrons taking after dinner walks up and down the avenue. I moved back to Vero Beach after 10 years of being in Charlotte, and I was used to a city where people were always moving and enjoying themselves outside the restaurants, bars and other events. I missed seeing this and also being a part of it. Last Thursday, it showed that 14th Avenue is starting to be an actual downtown again. Here is a list of what to find Downtown: Swine& Co., Taco Dive, Blue Star, Crab Stop, The Grove, The Stamp, Baci Trattoria, Blue Agave, Avanzare, Barefoot Café, Osceola Bistro, and more. Not to mention Downtown Friday is held on the LAST Friday every month, with live music, food, drinks and local venders. So next time you hear someone say �??There�??s nothing to do in Vero�?? �?�Please correct them!

Season is Upon Us...

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (21490)
My goodness, we are already in the thick of August!!! Before you know it will be Fall, kids go back to school, everyone will be hustling and bustling to get everything perfect for the holidays!! I know it is scary to think about, but it’s true. Friends and family will be coming to Vero Beach to visit, Publix will be slammed, and the invitations to parties and dinners will be flooding your mailboxes. But who is going to have time to cook the meals and organize everything? DON’T WORRY, The Kitchen Belle is here to help YOU! From healthy weekly meals, dinner parties, cocktail parties, even tasks like grocery shopping or revamping the organization in your kitchen. My calendar already has a few parties booked for September and October, my advice for the season, is plan EARLY!!!